Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

men and hair :)

Why do so many men have short hair?
In our opinion long hair are a sign for manliness!

Just look at this viking warrior ;) or at these guys:
Vreth (Finntroll)
Mark Jansen (Epica)

Let the Show begin :)

So this is our first blog-entry.. We would like to introduce ourselves :D

This is me.. Catra:

o age: 21
o eye color: light blue
o hair color: dark brown
o favourite color: red, dark blue, pink (:
o favourite band: EPICA
o favourite movie: tristan & isolde, the prestige

This is me.. She-Ra:

o age: 16
o eye color: light blue
o hair color: scandinavia blonde
o favourite color: black, blue, red
o favourite band: dimmu borgir, anaal nathrakh, naglfar
o favourite movie: v for vendetta