Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

we started to watch supertnarutal, and now we're already addicted to it!
sam is really symphatic, BUT DEAN WINCHESTER IS SO HOT!!!!!
how can one man be so hot? he doesn't even have long hair, or a beard, but he looks perfect!

yesterday we finished with season 2 and now we are desperate!! I think i will buy season 3 soon, because i can't live without them anymore ;)

here are some pretty dean-pictures ;P

 aaaw he's so sweet when he's crying *___*

Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Songs of the Month

We decided to post every month a very good song.. so these are our first Songs of the month.. Enjoy ;)

Catra's Song:
Sinister Rain from Eternal Tears of Sorrow

I chose this song because of the super duper great female siren vocals.
They remind me of the siren's song of God of War :)

She-Ra's Song:
Man at C&A from Anaal Nathrakh

yeah catra's song is really great! my song of the month is anaal nathrakh's latest song. it's totally perfect! can't wait till the new album :D 

btw- catra, we should play god of war again!

Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

men and hair :)

Why do so many men have short hair?
In our opinion long hair are a sign for manliness!

Just look at this viking warrior ;) or at these guys:
Vreth (Finntroll)
Mark Jansen (Epica)

Let the Show begin :)

So this is our first blog-entry.. We would like to introduce ourselves :D

This is me.. Catra:

o age: 21
o eye color: light blue
o hair color: dark brown
o favourite color: red, dark blue, pink (:
o favourite band: EPICA
o favourite movie: tristan & isolde, the prestige

This is me.. She-Ra:

o age: 16
o eye color: light blue
o hair color: scandinavia blonde
o favourite color: black, blue, red
o favourite band: dimmu borgir, anaal nathrakh, naglfar
o favourite movie: v for vendetta